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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Meetings

There are a lot of benefits for online meetings, particularly in a world that has become increasingly virtual. These meetings are time-saving for all those involved. Instead of having to get up and go to their desks, grab food, print documents and connect to an audiovisual system, attendees can simply hop on the meeting wherever they are at the moment. They also have the option to silence themselves during the meeting in case they need to take a short break or check their email.

Online meetings are also more timely. It could be because participants don’t need rush to the bathroom before dialing in or worry about looking nice. It could be because they have the ability to pick from a variety of locations that suit their needs, such as their homes cafés, their homes or even the beach.

Online meetings can also save business money. Hosting a meeting in person requires the business to purchase a venue and refreshments, which is not always the case when meetings are held online.

There are however some disadvantages of online meetings that shouldn’t be ignored. It can be difficult to capture participants’ attention during a meeting if they cannot see each other’s faces. This can lead to people checking their email or social media during meetings, which is not conducive to a productive meeting. Meetings that are online do not allow the same level of communication because people aren’t able discern body language or non-verbal signals during meetings.

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